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Buy a Composite Door That Will Complement Your Swansea Home

If you are having trouble deciding which composite door style would best fit your Swansea home, look no further than AQW’s composite doors for inspiration. We place a high value on the appearance of your door, which is why we offer over 25 different styles of doors in a wide range of colours, allowing you to choose the door that is the perfect addition to your home.

The following are three different styles of homes in Swansea, with suggestions on which of our doors and accessories would be most suitable for each of them.

Traditional Homes

Traditional homes in Swansea vary in style, from cottages to manor houses, so finding a composite door that complements the beauty of your home is the first order of business. To make your composite door look good, it must match the architectural style of your house, which can be a challenging task. We recommend choosing doors with arches and panels — especially in wood style colours such as English Oak or Black Cherry. The installation of a classic door knocker and a door handle in brass or golden colour would be a wonderful accent. The use of a glass design can also significantly improve your Swansea home’s overall appearance and value.

Modern Homes

Choosing a composite door for a contemporary home in Swansea is a considerably less complex undertaking. Your door style and colour do not have to match any particular aesthetic or theme because modern homes are typically painted in lighter colours that complement a wide range of colours, allowing you to have virtually unlimited design options. We recommend using light and pastel colours for your door, such as silk grey, Chartwell green, and duck egg blue, to give it a welcoming appearance. Consider modern choices, such as bow handles or keypad locking systems, when choosing accessories and upgrades for your composite door.

1970s Homes

Matching the door style to a 1970s home is more complicated than it sounds — especially when your personal taste and style are considered. Consider that there are several styles of 1970s homes in Swansea when choosing a composite door. When buying a composite doors in Swansea, we recommend 2 Panel, 2 Square, and 1 Arch doors, together with a standard door handle and letterbox. This door will be a fantastic match for your 1970s home.

Why not use our online tool to express your style and design your perfect composite door? We provide a wide selection of options — style, colour, glazing, hardware, and accessories — to ensure that your composite door perfectly matches the aesthetic of your home.

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If you live anywhere in Swansea and around the South Wales region, Affordable Quality Windows can help you transform your home with our composite doors in Swansea . We offer a wide variety of composite door styles in a stunning selection of colours and a variety of glass options and fittings. Call us at 01639 500359 or fill out a contact form to book a free quote or survey.