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Four Reasons to Upgrade Your Double Glazing

When double glazing first hit the market in Neath, it was marketed as a low-maintenance product with a long life. That is true — when properly installed and well-maintained, double glazing has an exceptionally long lifespan. It does, however, make sense to install new double glazing sooner or later (sooner perhaps than later).

In this blog, we will look at some of the reasons why it is worth upgrading your double glazing. If you are thinking of replacing your double glazing, we hope this helps answer some of your questions.

It can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Double glazing has come a long way since its inception. Thermal efficiency is one of the areas where we have seen the most improvement. Modern double glazing is significantly better at keeping your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Not only is modern double glazing more thermally efficient, but it can also eliminate draughts. If you have older double glazing in your windows, you may have noticed that the seals have started to break, allowing more draughts through than they used to. With modern double glazing, this is not a problem.

Overall, if you want to minimise your heating bills or lower your carbon footprint, upgraded double-glazed windows in Neath might be the solution.

It can improve the appearance of your home.

Upgrading your double glazing could be the perfect way to give your Neath home a facelift. Old double glazing was practical — it required less upkeep and was more energy-efficient than timber windows. It did, however, fall short in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Modern double glazing is excellent in this regard as well. There are a number of styles available, ranging from sleek contemporary frames to frames that elegantly replicate old wood styles. In other words, when it comes to double glazing, you do not have to make any trade-offs.

You can now choose low-maintenance, energy-efficient windows that actually look good. Today’s slim profile double glazing can create a striking statement if your home has a modern architectural style. Similarly, if you live in a Victorian- or Tudor-style home, you can restore its historic charm while still enjoying the benefits of modern double glazing.

It can improve the security of your home.

Are you concerned about the security of your Neath home? Take a look at your windows. Older double glazing is not usually as secure as newer options. It was externally beaded. This means that the glass was attached to the exterior frames, making it easier for anyone to remove and break into your home. However, modern double glazing is always internally beaded, making it more difficult for anyone to gain access to your home.

Modern double glazing’s locks, latches, and hinges are also considerably more secure.

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