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Know the different Styles of Windows!

If you do not know much about types of windows and their style, this blog is for you.

Windows come in many styles, designs, and looks. Whether it is a period property, a modern house, or you are planning to remodel your existing home, windows can make or break your house’s overall appearance and aesthetic. 

Hence, windows’ selection, replacement, or repair must be made under the supervision of professionals and after proper research & discussion- because experts know how to make your home beautiful and more appealing with the correct style and size of windows.

So, let’s find out some types of windows you can try in your new home or replace the old ones for an enhanced look, better safety, and a more airy feel.

Casement Windows

When it comes to the most popular choice to suit any home- Casement Windows comes first! Apart from being popular, this window style is also affordable with a sleek look.

Since this window style comes in various options, it is easy to club them with any home design!

Flush Casement Windows

The Flush Casement Window style will be a perfect option if you want to make your home look modern.

This window style offers multiple endless design elements with various options of a deep bottom rail on the sash. That helps you create an authentic timber look by mechanically trussing the frame with a sash.

Since the sash fits perfect into the outer frame upstand- thus providing a seamless internal look with an intelligent plan. These styled windows are also known for energy efficiency and security in a minimal look.

You can try various colours and woodgrain finish options for an enhanced look!

Vertical Sash Windows

Vertical Sash Windows are known for their traditional style and appearance.

So, if you plan to replace the windows of your period property, you can opt for this window style. As a replacement, you can try uPVC Vertical Sliding Windows for a more authentic appearance and timer sash-like look with all modern features.

Moreover, such a window style offers energy efficiency, better security, and a locking system. Additionally, with sash windows, you can add tilt and turn features for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Tilt and Turn Windows

If you need an easy option to clean your window glasses, this option will fit the place. 

Tilt and Turn Windows are prevalent and easy to clean and manage. Also, you can expect the most natural light from this window design. Since it has a dual opening mechanism, “tilt and turn”, you will get better sunlight, more air, and practicality.

For gentle ventilation, you must twist the handle 90 degrees, and the vent tilts inwards. However, when turned 180 degrees, the side hinges engage, allowing the window to open completely. 

You can also use this window position as an emergency exit for an easy escape.

Custom Built (Design and Developed)

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The Final Words

Choosing the right window design and style can be tedious because windows come in many options. But having a professional by your side can help eliminate unnecessary options whilst suggesting the best window design.

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