Know The Different Types Of Conservatory Glazing Options!

Know the Different Types of Conservatory Glazing Options!

If you are scheduling to construct a beautiful conservatory or replace or upgrade existing glass panels, you must know the different types of glazing options available in the market! So, let’s get started.

Standard Glass

Double Glazing is the minimum standard of glass permitted by the building regulations, and this is similar to what you find in your glass windows. 

In Double Glazing, Argon Gas is sealed or sandwiched between two layers of glass as a heat insulator and joined by a space bar as a sealed unit! Once sealed, it is ready to fit into the frame of your choice!

Please remember these glass units come with energy efficiency ratings such as A, A+, and A++ (for Triple Glass). You can also find some cheap conservatories quoted as B-rated for their glass. Just try to avoid those!

Self Cleaning Glass

As the name suggests, these self-cleaning glass helps you reduce cleaning and maintenance tasks associated with glass panes of conservatories.

The outer glass is coated with titanium dioxide that reacts with atmospheric water particles to break down dirt on the glass surface. And this dirt is then washed out by rain or atmospheric moisture. 

Initially looking, both the glass panes, Standard and Self Cleaning Glass, look identical, but the coating (Titanium Dioxide) stops slightly less light than standard glass from windows.

Lastly, due to coating, these glass panes cost up to 20-25% higher than Standard Glass!

Toughened Glass

If safety is your primary concern, go with these glass panels. Because when treated with some additional manufacturing methods, Standard Glass becomes approximate four-time tougher! And that is what we called Toughened Glass!

These glasses are usually recommended when you plan to use them as a (bigger size) door or oversized glass panel in your conservatory. 

Apart from safety, these glass shatters into small pieces (if broken) instead of large jagged shards! Thus, no need to mention that this glass costs about 25-30% more than standard glass panels.

Noise-Reducing Glass

These glass panes are ideal for those conservatories where noise (pollution) is a problem. These Noise-Reducing Glasses can reduce the noise inside the conservatory by 30-35dB with Double Glazing.

Here a polymer layer is sandwiched between the panes (of glass) that disrupt and absorb the sound waves. And, thus less sound travels through these glasses or windows. Clearly, these glass panes will cost 25-30% more than standard glass panes!

Solar Glass

Solar Glass panes are the best glass pane as they can help you keep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer!

Also known as Low E Glass, it has a reflective layer on the outer side which can deflect up to 80% sun heat, and the other flip side of the glass also stops the heat exchange from the conservatory. Thus keeping the insight temperature ideal.

Coming to price, you can expect 25-30% costlier than Standard Glass panes.

The Final Words

Depending upon the price and your budget- you can finalise any suggested option to best suit your style and requirements. And to learn more, contact our experts at AffodablequalityWindows. We are one of the leading solution providers for Conservatories South Wales

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