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AQW – Supply and fit all roofline products in Swansea | Cardiff | South Wales and surrounding areas

Affordable Quality windows are the supplier of all roofline products such as soffits, cladding, guttering, and fascias. In addition, we install windows, composite doors, and conservatories in Swansea, Cardiff, and throughout the South Wales area.


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Fascia Boards

A roof derives its finishing from fascia boards as they structure it. Due to this pivotal role, fascia boards have to be sturdy yet robust, low-maintenance and weather resistant as they are the connection between the bottom row of the roof and the guttering.


Affordable Quality windows supplies and fits fascia boards of a wide repertoire, which include different colours and styling that would suit any property style. Made out of uPVC, our fascia boards can last up to 20 years without cracking or warping. The boards are weatherproof and have strong durability.


Fascia boards from AQW have the following benefits:


  • They have minimal maintenance costs. They will not crack or wrap for 20 years, guaranteed.
  • They don’t have to be painted or sanded particularly.
  • Easily cleanable
  • Comes in all colours of your need

Soffit Boards

Another kind of roof finishing board is a Soffit Board. Soffit Boards come in all shapes and sizes, in various colours and in different finishes, to suit any property, traditional or modern.

These boards are made out of uPVC, they come with a guarantee period of 20 years, so they wouldn’t crack or warp in this period.


AQW deals in three types of Soffit Boards:


  • Vented boards that ensure constant airflow
  • 9mm boards that also offer ventilation as an option
  • Hollow boards are low maintenance and cost-effective and also come with a ventilation option.
windows Swansea
windows Swansea


Cladding can transform the whole outlook of a house as it covers all the weathered bricks and gives your property a facelift, replacing the old look and making houses look as good as new.

AQW offers a slew of options to choose from when it comes to cladding, in terms of colour and finishes that can go well with any property style. You can pick and choose from the themes to give your whole house a transformed look.


Cladding various types:


  • Shiplap
  • Open V
  • Composite

We offer Free estimates and surveys with all our windows ranges

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