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Ways to Care for Your Conservatory!

Caring for your conservatory can be extra and tedious, but it is worth it because it increases its life span and gives you a fresh feeling every time you step into it. Timely caring also helps you avoid unnecessary and costly maintenance due to negligence or missing punctual care. 

So, let’s discuss some practical ways to help you care for your conservatory for a better experience.

1) Regular Cleaning 

Well, here is nothing to mention because frequent dusting, hoovering, and wiping down the windows glass (of conservatory) can help you keep your conservatory dry, dust and rust-free. You can also add lukewarm water and soap while cleaning glass and panels for better results. Moreover, such regular cleaning enables you to check the status of your conservatory regarding its condition, how it looks, is there any maintenance required, seal keeping and any leakage.

Also, while cleaning, do not miss to check the roof, its down-pipe (or drain pipe) and roof gutter for seamless water flow in the rainy season.

2) Interior Cleaning

You can avoid mould and dampness that usually occurs because of moisture through regular interior cleaning and ventilation. 

Ventilation during the cold can help you reduce condensation, which further increases moisture, thus fungs and wetness. Also, a well-dried conservatory lasts for years and is less prone to frequent maintenance because of the above reasons.

3) Cleaning Agents

It would help you avoid chemicals as cleaning agents; instead, try to use mild or natural cleaning solutions. It will not only keep the colour and paint of your conservatory intact but also shiny for years!

Though, if there are tough stains, you can try commercial cleaning solutions recommended by experts and professionals like Affodablequalitywindows. 

Along with expert consultation, you must read the product instructions to help you know how to use it. Lastly, avoid cream on the frames and wash away all the remaining solutions on the panels and frame sections for a clean appearance.

4) Blinds and Curtain

Whether you have used Blinds or curtains, they all need regular cleaning to avoid fungus, mould, and unpleasant odours. 

With regular and timely cleaning, you remove not only dust but also bugs that can trigger allergies and skin infections. For cleaning blinds and curtains, use a Vaccum Cleaner to suck dust, a Hairdryer to dry excessive moisture, or an Air Blower to blow away detritus.

5) Lock, Seals, and Drainage 

Window seals can remain intact for years if taken care of properly, but they also damage with time due to weather and other external factors.

However, a timely inspection, cleaning, and maintenance can prolong their service life because these seals help you keep the temperature (cold and hot) out of your conservatory. Hence, any substantial seal damage should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid significant loss!

A similar inspection must be done for the locks, hinges, and other moving parts to ensure they function smoothly! And, if you feel any distortion in their operation- immediately call a professional or change them because ignoring the lock issue is sacrificing safety, which you do not want to afford!

And lastly, as discussed before, ensure all the drain pipes work better and have no obstacle in between their flow. And if possible, always try to inspect your conservatory roof after autumn and summer for dead leaves and organic material. And if found so, remove them immediately.

Items you need before starting cleaning!

If you love DIY, ensure these essential items are ready by your side for easy cleaning and caring of your conservatory!

A) A professionally recommended cleaning solution or a mild soap to help you clean tough stains

B) Lukewarm water with Microfibre cloth for scratch-free cleaning

C) Sponges and Hairdryer to dry excessive moisture 

D) Telescopic Brush and a ladder to reach every corner. And,

E) Power washer for bricks and stone!

The Final Words:

You must acknowledge that a well-maintained and cleaned conservatory adds value to your property by at least 5-10%. And it not only gives you extra space- but also offers a panoramic view of your surrounding and a calm place to relax and enjoy with your loved ones. 

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