6 Ways to Keep Your Conservatory Cool and Cosy in Summer

6 Ways to Keep Your Conservatory Cool and Cosy in Summer

Summer is just around the corner. And during the summer, your conservatories in South Wales can get too hot, keeping you from getting the most use out of it. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep your conservatory cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. In this blog, we will look at six of them.

Install blinds:

Blinds can be both an aesthetically appealing and functional addition to your conservatory in South Wales. By blocking sunlight from entering the conservatory, blinds can significantly reduce the temperature inside. Blinds also serve as an efficient insulator in the winter, keeping the conservatory nice and cosy throughout the year.

Apply a cooling film on the glass

The cooling film is an adhesive covering applied to glass and reflects around 80% of the direct sunlight away from the conservatory. Not only does it prevent heat from building up inside the conservatory, but it also reflects UV radiation, which helps protect any fine fabrics, furniture and artwork in your conservatory from sun damage. The cooling film is a low-cost solution — 50mm for as little as £12 — that can be added to existing conservatory windows. However, due to the height of some conservatories in South Wales, we recommend hiring a professional for the job.

Install an air conditioner

Installing an air conditioner is one of the more expensive solutions to a hot conservatory. Air conditioning units range in price from £400 to £1,000 — you should consider a dual-function unit that can heat and cool the conservatory for year-round comfort.

Get the interiors in order

Did you know that the choices you make for your conservatory’s interior design can also play a significant role in keeping the conservatory nice and cool? Consider painting the walls with white, soft pink, subtle blue or any other pastel colour, and use a cool upholstery fabric like cotton, nylon and polyester.

Increase ventilation

Opening the windows and doors (as simple as it may sound) will help improve airflow and keep the conservatory cool and cosy. You might also want to look at the roof — installing a fan, vents, or a skylight can all help keep your conservatory cool during the hot English summers.

Replace the roof

If you have tried everything listed here and still find your conservatory too hot during the summer, you may need to consider a roof replacement. Replacing the old roof with a high-quality SupaLite tiled roof made of thermally efficient materials can help keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A tiled roof conversion will give your conservatory a sleek, high-performance thermal solution, turning it into a year-round living space.

Planning to replace your conservatory roof in South Wales?

Affordable Quality Windows offers quality SupaLite tiled roof conversions in a wide range of tile/slate options and colours to fit any conservatory style. Our tiled roof conversions come with a 30-year guarantee and an A-Rated energy rating. We serve homeowners throughout the South Wales region — from Carmarthenshire, Swansea, and Neath Port Talbot, to Powys, Glamorganshire, and Monmouthshire. If you have any questions or want to schedule a free survey, please call us at 01639 500359 or send us a message with your requirements.