What Are The Latest Windows Trends You Can Try In 2023!

What are the latest windows trends you can try in 2023!

Post-pandemic people are actually upgrading their homes like never before. One prime reason for this behaviour is the new Work From Home culture. And because of that, people are adding more elements to their houses or replacing the old ones with new ones for freshness, looks, style, and overall appearance.

For example, one of the most common things people upgrade is doors and windows. And this is for a better look, better thermal efficiency, a new level of comfort & style, soundproofing, and of course, a more airy feeling.

If you are also considering upgrading your current windows to match your lifestyle, here are some modern windrow trends you must look into!

Trend #1- Anodised Aluminium Window

Because of the shiny (aluminium) look and different colour tones, anodised windows are popular these days.

Anodisation is a chemical process that changes the metal colour (tone) yet keeps it steadfast for long without being fade. 

Trend #2- Easy Sliding Windows

When you need a fresh morning breeze, nothing can be more frustrating than struggling to open windows due to poor lever design or function!

So, to say goodbye to stiff levers and cranks, you can install Easy Sliding Windows for a next-level windows Cardiff experience. Such window systems greatly help seniors who can’t push or pull jammed hinges or window levers.

Easy to slide, these innovative windows open with just a finger in no time and offer customisable options to fit your style of living.

Trend #3- Wide Windows

Post-pandemic people are now looking for windows that offer more natural sunlight and fresh air in the room.

More natural light in the living space gives a sense of openness and an airy feeling that helps you keep energised & active all day. Additionally, tall and wider windows help connect with the outside world in no time! 

Trend #4- Minimalist Window Treatment

Windows with minimalist treatment are also popular because of the ‘work from home’ culture and ease of cleaning. 

People want windows to look modern yet offer a sense of simplicity for a beautiful background. Additionally, windows with modern blinds, curtains, or frames are easy to clean, open, and thus maintain. Therefore this trend is catching up the pace in 2022 again.

Trend #5- Black Windows Frame

Black window frames are back in trend and have shown a rise in popularity in the last two years.

Due to the demand for modular homes, you can also notice a rise in the popularity of black frame windows. 

Also, black windows frame look stunning and define the clear boundary for windows for a simple yet luxurious look. 

The Final Words

This list doesn’t end here. You can also think of Tinted Windows, Window-cum-Door with sliders, entire glass windows instead of the wall, and much more.

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