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AQW can convert your old conservatory into a warm all year round useable space with our superlite tiled roof conversions. We supply conservatory roofs Swansea, Cardiff, Neath and throughout South Wales and have done for 25 years+.


We also offer full renevations of old existing conservatories replacing roof, frames, windows and composite doors to modern energy efficient standards and styling.



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Conservatory roof conversions

Want A Warm Conservatory All Year Round?

A tiled roof conversion will turn your old conservatory into a temperature-controlled living space.

Tiling your conservatory roof will provide warmth all year round, offer the highest rated energy efficiency in the winter months, and protection in the summertime.


  • Guaranteed for 30 years
  • Tiling to match any property
  • Energy efficiency
  • Spot lights and various lighting options
  • All conservatory shapes


All tiling options are available in our brochure

Superlite Roof Tiling options available

Our Superlite roof’s come with various tiling, skylight, and external lighting options. These can be tailored to suit requirements

Extra light tiles

High-performance tiles with a traditional look


Extra light tiles are made to connect perfectly together, therefore ensuring state-of-the-art durability and strength. Our Interlocking tiles are manufactured to withstand winds and all weather conditions. Our tiled roof conversions are guaranteed and are more durable than traditional slate or tiles.

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Tapco slate

High-performance, lightweight slate giving all the aesthetics of natural slate without cracking and breaking

Tapco slates are lightweight and high-performing. They resemble and have the look of natural slates, but are impact-proof and heat-resistant, therefore fully weather resistant.


Tapco tiles are renowned for being high performance – made with the latest techniques of manufacturing they are also UV and fade-resistant. These tapco tiles are also guaranteed for 30 years, ensuring you have peace of mind after installation.

Windows / Lighting

Skylights and Window Options


There are many options available to add lighting and aesthetics to you new conservatory roof.

Superlite roof windows swansea are available with various features: Superlite sash windows offer different opening configurations shown in our brochure.


internal / external lighting


Superlite tiled roof conversions offer many different internal and external lighting options to suit your needs


All variations of indoor and external lighting can be fitted to customer specifications, like integrated spot lighting integrated into the ceiling with a choice of styles available. This kind of lighting would be hidden into the internal plastering.


Our Roof conversions also have the option to add LED lights to the external soffit. This gives excellent outside lighting and great aesthetics to your outside garden space.

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Benefits of a tiled roof conversion

Will it create an energy efficient space?

We have all known the issues with glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs where they are simply too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Glazed roofs can cause an enormous amount of glare making them impractical to use year round. With a supalite warm roof conversion, you can say goodbye to rapidly fluctuating temperatures and say hello to your new year-round living space be it an extra lounge, dining room, or office space it’s going to work great for you.


If you are looking to replace your old consveratory roofs Cardiff, Swansea or South Wales, feel free to give us a call for a free quotation.

Will it add value to your property?

With a tiled roof conversion on your old conservatory, you are not only giving it a new lease of life, you are also adding value to your home. Most buyers and estate agents now see your conservatory more as an extension or extra living space than they do as an old useless damp conservatory.

Is it temperature controlled?

Changing the roof to a tiled roof not only gives your a great new fresh look it also brings the benefits of keeping heat in when required and out when you don’t want it. It will also reduce your heating costs because of its superior energy efficiency.

The 170mm insulation and thermal air breaks in a supalite roof help to lock in the heat in the winter keeping your living space warm and at a comfortable temperature to use in the winter months.

During the summer the tiled roof and insulation help keep out unwanted glare from the sum and minimise the heat getting in so you can stay cooler for longer so now you can enjoy your garden views from in the shade.


If you are looking to convert your conservatory into a year round living space contact us for a free estimate. Conservatory roofs Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales.

Add value to your home?

Your new roof can be designed to be more ascetically pleasing to complement your home and can come equipped with internal and external spotlights to really give you and your family and friends that wow factor . With a new vaulted plastered ceiling your conservatory will truly become that extra room you always wanted.

Wiil it comply with building regulations?

Most conservatory roof replacements don’t need planning permission but do need building regulation . All our conservatory roofs are insurance approved, JHAI approved and meet all building regulations. At the end of every installation the council will send you the building notice saying your new roof is fully approved and logged with building control.


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