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Let Your Composite Doors Shine Like New! Always!

Yes, you read it correct! You can ensure that your composite doors shine like new ones after years of usage.

We all know composite doors are low-maintenance doors. Yet allocating some minutes from your weekend to clean them can increase their lifespan and give them a new shine.

No need to mention that composite doors offer high-quality workmanship, performance, and style. If taken care of properly, these doors can last for years and save your hard-earned money, which otherwise could drain on their maintenance and repair!

Here is a quick yet simple guide to help you know some tips for composite doors & their maintenance!

Tip #1- Do Basic Cleaning With Soft Cloth!

You can start cleaning with a soft wet cloth to clean door frames and panels and remove dirt and grime. Then, you can use cold or warm water, washing liquid, or hand soap to clean stains, if there are any. 

Try to avoid chemicals as they can affect your doors’ shining.

Lastly, do not miss the hinges while cleaning, as dirt accumulates can cause improper door functioning. Once cleaned with a wet cloth, run a dry cloth over the door surface and panel to give a nice finishing touch. You would be surprised to notice that this entire process will take a few minutes. That’s it!

Tip #2- Use Stain Removal Non-Abrasive Cleaner

If the stains are not cleaned even after applying tip #1, apply this pro tip #2. Use stain-cleaning non-abrasive cleaner for the hard stain. But yes, do not use PVC cleaner as they are abrasive and can cause further stains.

Also, any dirt/debris near the drainage hole can also cause door stains. Hence try to clean it every year or regularly.

Tip #3- Maintain The Door Polish!

If the door handle, hinges, knocker, and letterbox seem dull or non-shiny, you can apply polish to them to bring out their beauty and shine like before!

Dullness to these door items can be either due to dirt & grime or because of natural weathering agents. Therefore, instead of applying tough cleaning agents, try to use the mild soap or cleaning solution and then wipe it out with a soft dry cloth.

If your composite door has glasses, you can give them a new shine with glass cleaner, warm water, and a soft dry cloth! That’s it! And here comes your door shine back!

Tip #4- Maintain the Lock and Hinges

Door locks and hinges are mechanical, so their care requires extra effort! 

Simply lubricate them with non-oily lubricants. This small yet crucial step will keep them in good condition and thus their overall working mechanism. 

Similarly, give some time to inspect if the hinges are functioning appropriately or need some adjustments. For example, it may happen after a constant and prolonged use that hinges get disturbed from their position. So, to fix it, simply tighten the screw or reposition the hinge for better functioning and safety for your doors and thus the house!


Unlike Wooden or PVC doors, Composite Doors need different cleaning and maintenance solutions for their long life!

We hope you can add more years to your doors’ life with these tips if applied regularly. 

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