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Use Our Online Door Builder To Build Your Ideal Composite Door

We, at AQW, provide you with the ability to design your custom composite door on our website, making it incredibly simple to buy composite doors online. We have created an easy-to-use online door builder to make the design process as simple as possible and ensure that you get the right door to complement your house in South Wales. Our online door builder is very user-friendly. You start by picking a frame style and then go through the options available until your ideal door design is complete.

  • Frame style: First and foremost, you must decide on a style for your door frame. You can also add side panels to the frame if you wish to include any small windows around the perimeter of the door opening — this might be to the left, right, or even above the door.
  • Door style: After that, deciding on a door style is perhaps one of the most important decisions. At AQW, we offer over 25 door styles from which to pick. These options provide a wide range of possibilities for South Wales homeowners, whether they are looking to give their home a more modern appearance or are restoring a more traditional one. There are plenty of window designs available for you to select from at this stage as well — you can choose everything from the number of windows on your door to their placement and size.
  • Door colour: The selection of a colour is another important step when building composite doors in South Wales. You can select multiple colours for the internal and external components of the composite door, allowing you to match it with the interior and exterior features of your South Wales home. We have a wide range of colours to meet everyone’s tastes. From traditional white to high gloss ruby red to premium black cherry, there is a colour to match any house.
  • Glass: This is the step in which you will choose the design of your exterior glass and side panels. You can pick from a variety of decorative glass options in various styles and colours, as well as a variety of concealed glass designs to suit your needs. Choosing a patterned or design finish can help offer more solitude in your home while also allowing natural light to fill the space.
  • Hardware suite: The finishing touches for your door and the colour of those finishing touches can all be customised. Together with letter plates, spy holes, knockers, security chains, and door numbers, there are various door handle types and colours available to choose from. You can also decide whether you want your composite door to open to the left or the right during this step.

You can see your door as you design it at every step of the process, seeing if it is progressing into the design you envision for it.

Looking for Quality Composite Doors in South Wales?

If you live anywhere in and around the South Wales region, Affordable Quality Windows can help you transform your home with composite doors in South Wales. We offer a wide variety of composite door styles in a stunning selection of colours and a variety of glass options and fittings. Plus, you can design your doors using our online door builder to get a feel of the finished product before buying. Call us at 01639 500359 or fill out a contact form to book a free quote or survey.