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What are the Conservatory Frame Materials, and How much do they cost?

The market offers many conservatory frame material choices you can use to build your conservatory but not all of them last longer and have the same robust quality.

Some are good for outdoor purposes, while some suit best when you use them at your property. Let’s find some popular and widely used conservatory frame materials that you can also use. 


uPVC offers you the most economical and almost zero maintenance conservatory frame material. Therefore, it remains the most popular choice. Additionally, uPVC has better quality these days than before, and if it is clubbed with steel for frames and structure, it offers unmatched strength and robustness.

To give a more classy look, you can try more than one colour of frames of uPVC to make the conservatory look more pleasing. The uPVC frame conservatory can cost you between £13000 – £27000, but for the exact quote, you must consult professionals.


Aluminium offers similar frames as uPVC. You can use it (Aluminium) for the extensive structural glazing and put more oversized glasses on it for extra light and openness.

It offers maintenance-free frames that last for years, and if coated with colours, you can give an elegant touch to your conservatory. Moreover, you can do powder coating and spray finish to suit your style and personality. 

Moreover, when aluminium frames are clubbed with plastic thermal inserts, they offer an almost similar energy rating to uPVC.

Since Aluminium is a metal, it will cost you higher than uPVC, but you should also not ignore the fact that it offers better strength than uPVC and can withstand more load for more enormous structures.


When you need style and design, nothing can match timber!

Timber offers you flexibility in terms of variety, design, fashion, look, and colour, and that’s why people prefer to go with it, even knowing that it comes with timely maintenance. 

With timber, you can add luxury, elegance and a superior look to your conservatory. Wood frames look stunning and give you the flexibility to make a conservatory of your style and design and provide a feel of a period property.

Wooden frames can be cut, curved, and finished with various joinery styles and coloured ones. In addition, you can try natural wood stains and some standard colours such as greens, grey, and creams. The only thing you need to do with timber/ wood conservatory is timely maintenance to keep it shiny and stunning for years.

Now, when it comes to timber conservatory, it cost certainly higher than uPVC and Aluminium because of obvious reasons.

The Final Words:

Apart from these three materials, you can go with your choice too, but these are widely used and preferred materials for the conservatory and frame design.

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